Diversity Webinar 21_22

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Our Focus On Diversity Must Happen Everyday

We have all seen it. An organization that jumps on the bandwagon in terms of diversity, but fails to create a true program that enacts positive change. Maybe they saw it trending and wanted to show that they are relevant. Or maybe they had issues within their own ranks that came to light, so as a reaction they utilize a new title or initiative as a PR Band-Aid. These "check the box" tactics not only fail to address the core issues that create the need for a diversity program, they could cause more harm to the organization and their workforce.

Instead, we need to focus on integrated inclusion and how to take diversity out of the workshop and into the workforce. On this webinar, we will be examining a number of ways to avoid a lip service approach. With actionable steps, an authentic commitment and a dedicated approach you can get past the box and stay true to your diversity statements. 

Join our amazing panel for an in-depth discussion on how to move beyond vain commitments while creating authentic participation to increase Diversity in the workplace. Hosted by our own Giovanni Gallo with a panel of experts, we are sure this will be a webinar you wont want to miss. Sign up now! 

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