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Assessing Corporate Culture & Driving Speak-Up Behaviors

A strong ethical culture and a strong speak-up culture: each one is a crucial support for the other. So how can compliance officers bring that ideal corporate culture about? This masterclass webinar will explore how a compliance officer first understands where you are (assessing culture), so you can then implement astute “mitigation” measures that drive a better speak-up culture and, ultimately, more ethical behavior.
  • What tools and techniques can a compliance officer use to assess corporate culture?
  • How can one use training, policies, enforcement, and other tools to show employees that the company is serious about speaking up?
  • Who are the key audiences and allies a compliance officer should cultivate for maximum success?

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Christopher Corallo

North America Compliance Officer - Convatec

Chris Corallo is the North America Compliance Officer for Convatec. Chris has over 18 years of compliance program development and implementation experience associated with leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies. Chris provides strategic direction to commercial and other department stakeholders to achieve business goals, mitigate risk, and further an open, collaborative and compliant business culture.

Kim Urbanchuk

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Head of Ethics and Compliance at Parsons Corporation

Kim Urbanchuk is Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Head of Ethics and Compliance at Parsons Corporation. Parsons is a technology-focused defense, intelligence, security, and critical infrastructure engineering firm. Prior to joining Parsons, Kim served as Counsel and Director, Ethics & Compliance at Airbus; Counsel for Oversight & Investigations for the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee of the US House of Representatives; in the General Counsel’s Office of the US Department of Transportation; and as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Portsmouth, VA. Kim received her JD in 2005 from the College of William & Mary Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

Matt Kelly

CEO Radical Compliance

Matt Kelly is editor and CEO of, a blog and newsletter that follows corporate governance, risk, and compliance issues at large organizations; it includes the Compliance Jobs Report, a weekly update on compliance professionals moving around the industry. He also speaks on compliance, governance, and risk topics frequently.

Giovanni Gallo

CEO Complianceline

Giovanni Gallo, Co-CEO and Chief Development Officer of ComplianceLine, lives his passion for seeing people thrive in the workplace. He helps develop ComplianceLine’s workforce and solutions which enable compliance professionals to be more effective in their jobs, so they can successfully protect their teams and meaningfully serve their missions.