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 October 14th, 2021     12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

The ability to generate internal reports and hotline complaints is only the first step for an effective compliance program; the business also needs to manage all those incidents through investigation and resolution.

This masterclass webinar will review the soup-to-nuts capabilities a compliance program should have for an incident management program — one that can help to drive true change in corporate behavior.

In this FREE webinar you'll learn about:

  • The basic capabilities of intake, investigation, and resolution that all incident management programs must be able to deliver

  • The importance of data analytics to study incidents at scale for better reporting and changes to policy or procedure

  • How to referee questions about who investigates which incidents, so critical cases aren’t mishandled and smaller cases are resolved promptly


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Your panelists for this webinar are:


Matt Kelly

CEO Radical Compliance

Matt Kelly is editor and CEO of, a blog and newsletter that follows corporate governance, risk, and compliance issues at large organizations; it includes the Compliance Jobs Report, a weekly update on compliance professionals moving around the industry. He also speaks on compliance, governance, and risk topics frequently.

Roger Frank, CIA

investigations Director, University of Florida

Roger has been involved in the auditing field (internal and external) for over 30 years. He has performed auditing and investigative work in numerous industries over that span, including public accounting, financial services, telecommunications, hospitality services and fine dining, commercial real estate development, retail, and higher education. He regularly speaks on fraud and internal controls at organizational meetings and conferences in an effort to give back to the auditing community.

Giovanni Gallo

CEO Complianceline

Giovanni Gallo, Co-CEO and Chief Development Officer of ComplianceLine, lives his passion for seeing people thrive in the workplace. He helps develop ComplianceLine’s workforce and solutions which enable compliance professionals to be more effective in their jobs, so they can successfully protect their teams and meaningfully serve their missions.