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2021 Ethics and Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report

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What else does ComplianceLine Have to Offer?


A 24/7 hotline answered by a live person (instead of hold music/recording) that covers all the languages you need with a dedicated toll free number. Expert adaptive interviews that go beyond inadequate rote questions to provide key information about events and their related risks.

Intelligent Intake App

Introducing a brand new smart app and form built for the digital workforce using AI. Not everyone wants to use a hotline. By offering multiple methods to report a problem, you'll increase your report rate and stop potential or ongoing issues dead in its tracks. Its time we meet our workforce where they are!

Awareness Materials

Your employees need to notice, learn about, and remember your messages even though you may only have a few seconds of their attention. With free resources, advice, expert programs & our best practices you’ll discover the ease of an ethics and compliance initiative powered by engaged employees!

Sanction Screening

Our SanctionCheck Sanction Screening System Mixes Powerful Technology and Expert Analysts to Put You in Control of Your Risk, Work and Budget. Intelligent, adaptive algorithms reduce your exclusion workload and focus on key results to keep you safe. Screen for exclusions and exceptions across millions of records with the push of a button.

License Check

License checking is a hard, manual job with potentially disastrous ramifications for an individual mistake. ComplianceLine’s LicenseCheck is a single platform for every credentialing body, license, specialty, and exception – fueled by technology and powered by real experts to help you protect your organization from regulations, fines or worse.


How frustrating is it to create your required learning modules only to have people snooze through or, worse, avoid them? Easily launch, customize, monitor, and reinforce key lessons with memorable courses across any LMS. Our engaging content utilizes modern features such as gamification, micro-learning and experiential video learning.

Are We Connected?

At ComplianceLine, the core of our mission is to make the world a better workplace. We do this not only by serving our clients to the best of our ability but by sharing our own thought leadership, interacting with those in our field, and always being open to new ways of thinking. 

We love new connections as well as chances to learn and grow. Feel free to connect or send a message through any of our channels! We look forward to sharing ideas and meeting some new faces!

Giovanni Gallo

co-CEO and Chief Development Officer

Nick Gallo

Co-CEO and Chief Servant

Jenelle Case

Director of Compliance and Sales

Chris Martin

Director of Business Development

Jessica Tamras

Business Development Specialist

Kate Smith

Digital Marketing Manager